Almaya Fellowship

Almaya Fellowship is the successor to the “Professional Fellowship” founded in 1975. The membership is extended to all lay members above eighteen years of age and all the pastors of the Madhya Kerala Diocese. The fellowship endeavors to work for the physical and spiritual development of its members and to ensure social justice.

Ahmadi St. Paul’s CSI Almaya Fellowship was formed in 2015 with the noble goal of spiritual devotion that amount the laity and to initiate charity work, for the glory of GOD.

Mr. Jacob Chacko, Mr. Joji Iype, Mr. Babu Mathew & Mrs. Jancy Joboy are the present Almaya Fellowship leaders.

We invite all of you to this network to work together for making a better generation who are really committed to Christ, responsible to the family, church and the society at large. A good person will make a good family and a good family will make a better society, nation and a peaceful world.