Sunday School Koinonia 2015

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Greetings in the name of the one Almighty God.

Theme verse: Phil 2:13
For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure

As part of the Sunday school activities, a one day Koinonia was organized by the St. Paul’s CSI Sunday School, Ahmadi, on 13 the November 2015. Teachers and students of St. Peter’s CSI Church Sunday School, Kuwait City, were invited to get blessed alongside us. The Koinonia was opened with prayers by our vicar, Rev. C. C. Sabu. Our headmaster, Mr. Sydney Dolton, extended a short note of welcome. A short, but devoted session of praise and worship by Mr. Jagan, Mr. Jolly, Mr. Dennis, Mrs. Sani, Mrs. Cijimol, Mrs. Ani, Mrs. Vidhu with Mr. Eben on the keyboard followed. Mr. Suresh Thomas, headmaster of the St. Peter’s Sunday school, felicitated the Koinonia. Blessings came abound at presentation of the theme ‘RELATIONSHIPS’ and speech of Rev. Joseph Samuel, honored Professor at the Kerala United Theological Seminary, Thiruvananthapuram. He stressed on the need of strong relationships in a world falling apart. The unfailing love of our Lord who gave us His Son, and the need to keep the love going in our relationships were emphasized. It touched one and all. The presence and participation of parents made it worthwhile. This was followed by a group discussion wherein questions were posed and the groups reflected and voiced their views on the thoughts brought up by Rev. Samji K. Sam.

The crowd was particularly touched by the presentation of Alina Sara Abraham, a student of ours. Rev. Samji K. Sam led the dedication session and closed with prayer. A short vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Facin Mathai. Lunch was served thereafter. The Koinonia was the first of its kind, but it left us inspired and we fervently hope it won’t be the last.