Thank you All!

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Beloved in Christ,

DSC_1705Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I think it is my last message in our Church messenger. Thanks to all those who were reading my messages in the past three years. First of all let me thank God for allowing us to complete our ministry in Ahmadi Church. In all difficult times the Almighty God had protected me from coming to an end. I tasted His Grace throughout my tenure in Kuwait. Praise to God!!

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one for supporting me to carry out my work meaningfully for the kingdom of God. I sincerely thank all our Church members for loving me and supporting me as a Vicar in their Church, especially those who extended their help, prayers and care for me and my family. Special thanks to those who offered tasty food and transportation facility through out the past three years. We express our hearty thanks to all organizations of the Church especially the all leaders of Almaya Fellowship. Church Choir, Women’s Fellowship, Youth Movement and Sunday School.

During the past three years these organizations helped to make our Church activities lively and I extend my special greetings to them. Also I remember the Camp Ministry and all loving members of it. May the God Almighty bless them. I express my sincere thanks to all Church Committee for their support extended to me in my God’s work. Special thanks for providing accommodation facilities throughout my stay. I apologize to those who had pain due to any of my words or action. I request all of your prayers for me and for my God’s work. We shall also remember you all in our family prayers.

Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!
May God bless you all
Yours in Christ,
Rev. C. C. Sabu