Women’s Fellowship Retreat 2016

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The Women’s Fellowship Annual Retreat was held on Friday, 30 September 2016 at the Parsonage. The session started at 09:30 am with a prayer by Rev. C. C. Sabu. The main topic for the retreat was “Women: God’s witnesses to be” was delivered by, the vicar and was clearly explained the gospel of John, Chapter 4.

A singing session was conducted at the beginning of the event. Bible reading contest and a quiz competition was also conducted. Active participation form the members made the competition live and energetic. Lunch made by the members were served after the event by 1:00 pm

A special thanks to Kochamma, Mrs. Sani Sabu, Secretary for the support and guidance, Mrs. Tinu Vivek and Treasurer Mrs. Sheela Jerry for their leadership in the retreat. Special appreciation to all who provided food, and also to all those who worked hard and attended the retreat, making it a great success.

Tinu Vivek
Secretary (WF)

Photo courtesy: Tinu Vivek