Women’s Day 2016

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The church has celebrated yet another Women’s Day on Friday, March 4 2016 where the members of Women’s Fellowship took active participation and leadership in the service. The lessons were read by Mrs. Annie Cherian and Mrs. Ivy Anu Jacob and the Psalms by Mrs. Laiby Georgi. The Women’s Day message was delivered by Kochamma Mrs. Sani Sabu by portraying the life of the young Israeli girl who helped Naaman to recover from the fatal condition of leprosy.

Kochamma explained by example of the unconditional love in the young Israeli girl. Even though she had a reason to hate her master and mistress, she was concerned over Naaman’s fatal condition and revealed to them where he might find a cure.  She repaid evil with good and we are to do the same thing.  She emphasized that this is a world of people that is been inflicted with a disease worse than leprosy and we must put aside all prejudice and somehow show them the way to Christ.

Intercessory prayer was lead by Mrs. Vidhu Lenan and offertory was taken by Mrs. Saramma George and Mini Shaji. Mrs. Sucy Mathew helped in carrying the Holy vessel. Kiss of Peace was given by Mrs. Renu Sam and Mrs. Lissy Mathew. The members of the Women’s Fellowship sang a beautiful song “Paadidum Sthuthi Geetham”. Vanchika boxes were collected during the service and the amount contributed will be solely used for charity.

Homemade refreshments by Mrs. Tinu Vivek, Mrs. Sheena Joji and Mrs. Sucy Mathew were served after the service.

Photo Courtesy: Vivek Roshain Padiath