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It is in our Hand

Often people complaint that, their life is miserable because of their fate or by the influence of some stars/planets. Bible tells in Psalms 121:6 that “the sun shall not smite thee by day, Nor the moon by night”. There are many things in our life, where we don’t have a choice, and are automatically associated

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Love the Lord your God

By Alex George Love is the best thing that ever happens to anyone. Beauty is external, love is very much internal. Love is an emotion which flows from your heart; it is a strong feeling of affection, loyalty, and concern for someone… It cannot be compelled… It is a promise…. a souvenir… once given –

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Success Story of Colgate

By John Cherian Twelve-year-old William Colgate woke with a start as someone pounded on the door of the house. It was the middle of the night in the small town of Shoreham, near London. William Pitt, the British prime minister, had sent a private messenger to warn his friend – Colgate’s father – that he

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By Vijitha Mammen A trial simply means a test. The trials to be mentioned here are the tests that God gives us to choose those who are suitable. Suitable for what? That’s quite simple, isn’t it? God gives us trials to choose those suitable for being called children of God, those suitable for entering God’s

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